has a creative flair

We create and innovate, from apparel to web design.
Blossom has experience which touches on various areas.

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From Tech Packs to Body Style Illustration

For presentation to Production

Blossom has experience making body style illustrations and technical packs for presentation or production, made to your specifications.

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Responsive Web Design

Create just what you are looking for.

We can create just what you are looking for from a standard one page listing to an ecommerce site to an office intranet.

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Vector Illustration

A specialty of ours!

We can illustrate for presentations or technical drawings for production.  Our years of experience creating vector illustrations will allow you to concentrate your efforts on a perfect finished product.

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Our newest venture!

New and fresh, designer tees and apparel.
Check us out!
Our store is at:

Looking for our store?

We have moved our store to:
You can find all of our wonderful items there, it has a complete new look. We think you will love it, take a look!

Design is our Vision

Bring your project to life.
We can...
  • Deliver great customer service.
  • Bring your vision to life on the web.
  • Make your presentation flow.
  • Guide you with our expertise, professionalism and skills.
  • Produce presentation or production art.
  • Develop the look you want.

A few of our clients

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